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Aha!  Moment Monday

There is a saying that you teach what you need to learn, which is perhaps why I love talking about fear.  I have come to realize that fear is our number one saboteur – hands-down – yet we continue to entertain it.  (Sounds like Einstein’s definition of insanity, doesn’t it?)

Fear, all by itself, can cause financial challenges, relationship challenges, health challenges, personal growth challenges, and environmental challenges and even though we learned in our earlier personal development days that F.E.A.R. is false expectations appearing real, we still succumb to it.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, calls fears “ghosts” and for good reason; they are all in our head and haunt us. We easily and often justify fear because it cleverly disguises itself as challenges around markets, money, ideas, support, education, skills, resources, health, time and even love.  We blame outside influences as opposed to identifying fear, a crazy mental game we play with ourselves.

You want abundant financial resources, better opportunities, a loving circle of friends and supporters, the skills and tools required to easily succeed deliberately, to live in peace and comfort, but are you willing to release your fears in order to have it all?  That’s a trick question because I’d bet dollars to donuts that if you were aware of your true fears, they’d be toast.  You see, we make up fears; like not having enough time or money or it being someone else’s fault, when the real fear is of not being accepted, of looking stupid, of having to take responsibility, of being rejected or of having to change.

So how do we get out of our heads and create our deserving lifestyle?

Aha! ~ Learn to be H.A.P.P.Y.

Honesty: be brutally honest with yourself about your fear.  Are you afraid of being criticized? Afraid of running out of time? Afraid that the result of a decision may not bring the right outcome? Afraid that you might lose time, friends, money…? Be ready to peel away the mask you wear that hides the fear.

Awareness: become aware that many fears are self-created.  Learn to identify the difference between a fear that is there to protect your existence and a fear that you manufactured as an excuse to stay small.

Preparedness: ask as many questions as you need, in order to educate yourself around the issues, people, or opportunities you want on your side. Ignorance is costly.  

Purpose: when you are on purpose, you are guided by your heart, and in that state, you trust that whatever obstacles you encounter are there to empower you. Rather than fearing them, you learn from them and by them and they fuel your empowerment.

You: fear creeps in when you have forgotten who you are.  You are a being of love and light designed in divine perfection with the universe, and all inhabitants, at your fingertips to create your existence as you are meant to.  You have freedom over your domain.  As Simba’s dad said to him in The Lion King, “Remember who you are.”

Let’s get down and dirty in a fear-busting session on August 20th at 3 PM Eastern. Make sure we are connected on LinkedIn so you get the notice to register!  It’s going to be goooooooooood!!!

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