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What Have You Got to Win??

Aha!  Moment Monday

Just a warning that this Aha! is having babies!!  YES!  Babies!

Let me explain with a little gratitude and giving, but first, a message from the brain straight from the user manual.

Your reptilian brain – the original brain that contains the flight-or-flight detection and response centre – can send panic waves through your system when you’re threatened.  In fact it can be so domineering that it can override the frontal lobe – the rational, thinking part – and cause you to react in self-preservation whether the threat is real or perceived.

A mere thought of a threat is enough to cause us to run or tackle but isn’t that normal?  Aren’t we being “realistic” when we take threats seriously?

Aha! ~  “Prepare for a crisis but plan for a powerful future.” ~ Bobby Lehew

Which brings us to the gratitude and giving part.

Gratitude: All those little things we took for granted – hop on a plane, host a party, attend a conference, hit the gym after work, “me” time while the kids were in school, predictable flow of business, date night at the movies, lunch after Sunday service, a sausage & beer at the game – are all being ripped away by a temporary new normal.  It’s a culture shock and a reminder of what’s important in our lives – just how much we mean to one another – and prompts a gratitude moment or three about what we value.

Giving:  Knowing what supremely intelligent beings we are we know that when we’re all in a situation together, the best way to get out of it is to do it together; to share ideas, collaborate efforts, and merge our talents so we ALL rise and no one is left behind.  That’s where the giving comes in and the more generous and liberal we are with our gifts, the easier will be this climb out.

You take gratitude and giving and what do you get?  Babies!!

We are posting on social media VERY empowering BABY Aha!s with ACTIONABLE IDEAS to keep you safe and healthy, to lift your organization’s spirit, to excite, exhibit and market, to build solid relationships, have some fun and help you expand like you never thought possible.  These gifts, born of experience and imagination, will be available every workday for an entire month starting tomorrow!

Let’s get social and face this together.  Ready??


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