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What Was Your Question?

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever been in a conversation when the name of a brand (actor/city/restaurant) just won’t come to mind?  You’re doing your best to open all the drawers in that mental cabinet but can’t seem to access the right file.  You carry on the conversation citing “some-timer’s disease” (sometimes you remember things) only for the answer to pop into your head three hours later.  Then you can’t help but text your friend the name and you both share emojis that mimic a sigh of relief now that the problem is solved.

What about the bigger questions you might ask yourself like when you’re trying to elevate your stature on social media, strengthen your immune system, broaden your client base or keep employees happy and engaged (or just plain keep them).

Why don’t those answers appear in a few hours?

Aha! ~ If you want a different answer, ask a different question

Here’s the problem: we formulate questions and get fixated on them, like we’ve plugged them into a GPS, not anticipating that perhaps our stated coordinates aren’t at all where the answer lies.  We don’t question the question.

Take this question about a thriving team: “Why do we have a 30% staff turnover?”  Perhaps a better question is, “Does our corporate mission align with that of the people we hire?”  If you ask a question of turn-over you’re likely to blame attitude, competitive opportunities or millennials (millennials get blamed for everything that has anything to do with loyalty or lack thereof).  When you seek common passion, you need fewer extrinsic rewards to retain people because they’re motivated by the same things you are.  Even millennials will stick around when your values align.

What about this social media question: “Why did so few people like my post?”  That question can lead to you feeling ignored, undervalued or less of an influencer than you probably are.  Perhaps the real question is, “Who is my audience?”  By being crystal clear as to who you’re talking to you can identify their preferences of content, timing and delivery and target posts that share your value and turns their heads.

Now if you’re like me – not a social media expert – you’ll feel better knowing that you don’t have to be one to run a better campaign.  You just have to broaden your curiosity.

Whether you realize it or not your mind does an exceptional job at looking for answers.  Not just answers to questions you know, also answers to questions you don’t know.  Sometimes the answers come through you and sometimes through others; regardless, the real power is in the quality of the question.  That’s what determines the outcome.

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”  Albert Einstein.


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