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What You Don’t Know That Can Hurt You

Aha! Moment Monday

How would your life change if you lost your cell phone?  (Maybe you have at some point and know first-hand!)  Well, there is the inconvenience of being temporarily disconnected.  Then there’s the expense associated with replacing your device.  What if you were not up to date with your backups and your memories, pictures, videos and contacts went bye-bye, too?  Painful to think.

How painful would it be to watch your cell melt right before your eyes?  Well, I’m not trying to scare you but if you have any metal or magnets attached to your phone and you charge it on one of the new charging stations, it could overheat to a useless blob or worse, catch fire.

I’m not suggesting that all charging stations can potentially damage phones, and I’ll share later what to look for to protect your best buddy, but suffice to say that not all charging stations are created equal.  I’m guessing that if you didn’t know that there were differences in the varieties of those offered on line then you’re not a “texpert”, (my new abbreviated word for tech-expert) and would likely compare basic features you recognize and buy on price … right?  Or maybe buy one that a friend has test-driven?

The challenge is that by not being immersed in fields other than that which is of your own expertise, you might not be up on all of what’s hitting the market – or how or why – and can be persuaded to purchase devices, a new deck, marketing plan, nutrition plan, investments, a car, personal trainer or any number of things that didn’t fit your needs simply because you weren’t aware of what questions to ask.  A jazzy on-line ad, user ratings or a well-meaning friend influences you into buying, then, when you discover it’s not for you, the pain, time and expense of undoing the wrong and getting it right sits squarely on your lap.

Aha! ~ If you think a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.

Just like you can’t be all things to all people, you can’t be all people to yourself.  You can’t be an expert on everything and it’s true what they say about a little knowledge being dangerous.

But most days we’re operating faster than the speed of light and with next-day, and often free, shipping of just about anything, pressing the “order” button makes us feel in control and on track and circumventing the discovery process gets things done quickly, right?!  Wrong.  In reality, engaging a pro actually accelerates the buying process because they know what questions to ask, have infinite resources, and can lend invaluable experience to get you to the final station in top shape.

As for the charging device, you want ones that have FOD (foreign object detection).  Those devices simply won’t turn on if charging could damage your phone….or anyone else’s if these happen to be gifts.

Best your best you by investing in what you love to do, and surround yourself with others who commit to being their best selves in complementary categories.  Clickety clack – stay on track.

Written in gratitude – on this Canadian Thanksgiving holiday – to those pros whom have saved our bacon.

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