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When Disaster Strikes

Aha Moment Monday

We’re experiencing one angry planet.

“Devastating”, “leveling”, “catastrophic”, “once-in-a-lifetime”, “powerful”, “deadly” are some of the descriptors for nature’s lashings.  From fire to flood and everything in between, there is hardly a sole not connected, in some way, to the earth’s unsettled nature.

The connection might be your crawling escape on the interstate, waiting in a shelter to go home, the inability to get in contact with a friend or loved one caught in a disaster zone, or simply the emotional impact of watching, online or on T.V., thousands upon thousands of people – just like you – whose  lives are being tried by a shift in the earth, wind-lashing, rising water or uncontrollable fire.

Everyone responds differently to disaster.  Some question the karmic response, others look at second-hand impact (like rising gas or food prices), and some feel helpless or hopeless or both.  There can be an isolation factor that accompanies loss, and subsequent change unwelcomed.

How do we make sense of challenges and get through devastating loss and change?

Aha – Grieve. Gratitude. Grow

Grieve – it’s important to acknowledge when things don’t go as you had hoped, planned or expected.  Seeing the impact for what and releasing yourself from feeling victimized, frees you of destructive and counter-productive emotion.

Gratitude – in all disastrous situations, heroes emerge.  In some form of rescue – emotionally, physically, or financially – help arrives; not always from where you expect but always for which you will be profoundly grateful

Grow – in the midst of disaster you won’t see a rainbow.  Only when the “storm” passes, and you take control of that which you can and accept the wisdom and support of others, will the new order reveal itself.

Whether it’s your corporation, your health, your home, your family, or any other part of life, you can only take care of it to the extent that you can take care of it.  The Universe is an intricate weave of energy and information that, despite your best intentions, also has influence over you.

Understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Be grateful for what IS going right.
Grow as you should.
It’s all part of your story.


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