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Aha!  Moment Monday

Do you measure efficiency or effectiveness?

Both contribute to marketing performance but they’re not the same thing.

Did you know – as revealed in a U.S. study by Merkle – that the cost per click ad increased by 30% in 2018 but there was only a 3% increase in actual clicks?  And still our marketing spend in that area increased by 34% during that same time period.

Efficiencies might be cost-driven – identifying the least expensive way to reach the largest number of potential users – but an efficient campaign, regardless of the media or content, doesn’t always prove effective.

That’s not to say that short-term, efficient campaigns can’t be effective to turn a few heads. Marketers will tell you, though, that you need to utilize a number of platforms to educate your potential client. One challenge: there have never been more channels or metrics by which to measure them. But building a brand isn’t just front-loaded.  To deliver true brand value you’ll want to focus on R.O.Experience.

For starters, the best Facebook campaign is short-lived if your website isn’t intuitive to the user and easily converts.  The best activation or show presence fizzles when users encounter uninformed staff or stifling restrictions when they need assistance with their purchase.  Piling up the excuses why you don’t return messages in a timely fashion challenges the word ‘excellence’ in your service policy.  Claiming you’re planet-friendly then over-packaging your products with non-recyclable material is contradictory.

Value statements and corporate missions are not just for the plaque in the lobby nor is that positioning statement just a groovy tag line.  They’re your brand’s badge of honor.

Aha! ~ Effectiveness happens when everyone wears the badge.

Let’s face it: customer choices are at an all-time high and loyalty at an all-time low but loyalty is not one campaign away; it comes from delivering consistent value over a multitude of channels and experiences time after time.

As emotional beings we’re taking in messages directly and subliminally through all of our senses all of the time and making decisions accordingly.  In the end, customers will hear what you say, then believe what you do.

Educating and engaging clients on multiple platforms can keep your voice fresh and your brand relevant and by weaving your values and intentions into every step and every process of every person and every department, your ability to be effective skyrockets.

Make 2020 the year you measure the entire experience.


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