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When Service Sucks

Aha! Moment Monday

According to the Congressional Budget Office in the U.S., at the lowest point of the last recession more than 12 million Americans were expected to be underemployed.  That means being in jobs that are below their skill or education level.

Have you ever been one of them? Have you worked in a position that you felt was beneath you, where you believed you deserved more, could offer more or were bored?  What did you do?

The frustration of underemployment can be a blow to the ego, so much so that many people avoid employment altogether OR take one of those positions purely for economic sake then are miserable as a result.  (If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with someone who has accepted a role that they felt wasn’t to their standard you likely experienced their poor attitude or service.)  No one likes to feel undervalued and it can show.

Is it fair that you hand over your power to your position?  That you allow your work to identify who you are?  Can you hold an attitude of expansion when you’re feeling squashed?

Aha! ~ There is no “underemployment” in the divine system

Whatever job you’re doing you are meant to be doing as part of your life’s design.  The fact that you made the choice to be working puts you in the flow, the arena, and in action.  As long as you’re not complacent – come to rest in that position – and do your best work, you can’t help but grow.

“Underemployment can have its value, the greatest of which is to ignite the human desire to do more and do better.” ~ E. Bernard Jordan in The Laws of Prosperity.   “The act of being in motion and effecting change even in a small way moves you closer to taking a step upward to a new level of employment.”

You’re always investing in yourself AND have far greater opportunity when you are underemployed than not employed at all.

Ah … you’re smiling, aren’t you … knowing full well that you’re right on track.  All aboard!


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