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When Your Credit Card Statements Make You Smile

Aha! Moment Monday

Credit and debit cards have made it so easy to make purchases.  In the grocery store today I didn’t even look at the total, just tapped my card.  “Easy peasy” as my friend, Peggy, would say.

Now I’m grateful to be able to do that – a combination of technology and great clients and partners enable it – but when I go online to review the statements and balance those charges, I’m surprised at how quickly those little “taps” add up!  Actually I think the days of peeling off layers of paper bills made me think twice about some purchases; when we actually cashed our pay cheque (yes, millennials, we used to do that) we stopped spending when our wallet was empty.

I’m super meticulous about managing my accounts, though – and I have several – but that came from a very costly experience with an incompetent accounting firm.  (We’ll save the “trust” issue for another Aha!)  Now I watch every transaction but I see if after the fact; in other words, I’ve already swiped that card or agreed to that deal then the reality of that decision arrives in a comprehensive statement that reminds me of every place I said “Yes!”

Credit card companies love this data because this gives them a good profile of you, your preferences and your spending tendencies.  Without even meeting you they have a picture of your lifestyle.

When we look at our statements are we seeing numbers or lifestyle?  Are we simply paying the bills or recognizing what we afforded ourselves?  What would change about our personal growth map if we took time to view our statements from a perspective of celebration?

Aha! ~ “There are no facts, only interpretations.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

At first glance those numbers may feel like a drain but they’re actually a string of reasons to celebrate.

Those taps and swipes meant, at that moment, you were able to have a heart-to-heart talk with your mom on your cell phone, enjoy the company of great friends at dinner, advance your network at a show, look amazing in that new dress when you received recognition on stage, receive a case of Xango juice that will bring great health to your family, fill your car with gas to attend an unprecedented training program then to watch your son score his first goal in soccer, cool your home, have your trash picked up, your hair styled, or find the perfect birthday gift.

All of those charges are part of your story. They are a journal of your investment in your lifestyle, growth and advancement.  Knowing that, do those statements make you smile?

Speaking of smiling and celebrating, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!


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