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When You’ve Lost Your Bearing

Aha!  Moment Monday

Are you hearing the word “inversion” as much as I am lately? 

“Inversion” is actually a great way to solve problems because sometimes turning things on their ear to get a different perspective can spark creative solutions. 

You can also invert a sentence; journalists do this all the time to deliver the same news to make it sound new.  There is Climate Inversion; when warm, dense air can actually exist both below and above thin, cooler air.  I found Inversion Biology down one of my rabbit holes but I made like a bunny and hopped out of that one pretty quickly (a bit deep). 

I am hearing “inversion” from coaches, spiritual teachers, scientists and natural healers and I am connecting their sentiments to Moral Inversion which may be the source of our unease, imbalance and confusion. 

Have a look at what I extracted from Dave’s Notes (Dave is a computer programmer) and from T.F. Torrance (Thomas is a Theologian). Underlines are mine. 

Dave described Inversion Control as it relates to programming.  Dave prefaces his explanation with how he initially learned to program – linearly, from beginning to end – and how it works now.  “What Inversion Control does is that it puts something other than the main code in charge of doing critical parts of the program so that those other parts of the program can be swapped out by the person implementing the code.”    

And then here is T.F. Torrance on Moral Inversion: “The uprooting of moral passion from its creative source… makes it quite helpless unless it can secure centers of power from which it can move and change society.  Hence it moves into the political arena where it can develop pressure groups and forge the kind of instruments through which it can exert force upon every area of life until its ends are achieved.”  

Is the uncertainty of changing rules and added pressure feeling uncomfortable?  When you feel off-balance, what do you hold onto? 

Aha! ~  You’ve been in control the entire time. 

And with that awareness, know that we are going to be just fine. 

Your power – your grounding, stability and clarity – resides within.  Invest time with yourself and others who have their moral compasses set for oneness and allow only that which aligns, that which resonates, that which feels just and true to stream in and liberate you.  Time to get back to oneness. 

Allison and I are doing our final round together Friday at noon eastern focusing on impact.  Never will you ever again say “just me” Your impact this year will be as unique as your fingerprint and meaningful beyond belief.  Connect with Allison on LinkedIn as she is streaming us live.  It’s going to be magical!! 

There has never been a better time to take #AHumanApproach

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