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Aha!  Moment Monday


Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Many people have found that writing in a journal or making a daily list for what they are grateful brings them to the present moment and builds awareness of their gifts.

Personally, I don’t have a daily ritual in writing any kind of gratitude statements. I started it many times and never carried on. What I did start however, was that the first five minutes when I awake each morning is invested in feeling the energy of gratitude and allowing that overwhelming white light to fill me up. My mind is like an empty cup and thoughts of people and experiences rush in and fuel that good energy. This exercise is such an empowering one that it has become automatic … and not just in the morning (I’ll explain later).

I remember when I first started this – at a low point when it felt like the walls were caving in – the intention brought a sense of comfort through the reminders of bigger, overarching aspects, and changed my perspective of life. Glaringly obvious became the contrast between my ego, that would focus on day-to-day challenges or historic woes and bring me down, and my spirit that inherently knew how to rise to that 30,000-foot level and appreciate my good health, the ability to think and create, feeling safe, being a mom, having endless opportunities and knowing that we are all connected.

Eckart Tolle says, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for abundance.”

But what about the bad? Do you ignore the bad and pretend it is not there? How can you be grateful for people and circumstances that challenge you?

Aha! ~ Know that it is ALL good.

Tolle’s message is that you get what you think about. So, if you focus on past (or seemingly present but already in the past) circumstances or behaviours or people or decisions that hurt you, disempowered you, derailed you, cheated you, challenged you or deceived you IN THAT WAY, you will get more of the same. You will continue to experience that which you need to learn from until you grasp the lessons they bring. If you see these circumstances, behaviours, people, etc., as being delivered to you, for you, compliments of your higher power, you will smile in gratitude, understand they are uniquely yours, and go forward.

This is the difference-maker of being in an energy of gratitude. Every person, every experience, every aspect of what you are co-creating is an element of you co-creating your signature life. See it, feel it, follow it, express it, and allow it to fuel your personal – and oh, so deserving – abundance.

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