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Why You Wear Perfume On Zoom Calls

Aha!  Moment Monday


The other day I started a call with my marketing guru, Terri, asking (with a big smile on my face) “Am I the only one who puts perfume on for Zoom calls?” Terri responded that she was sure I was.

Then it occurred to Terri how adding a lovely scent to your work environment would mean you could engage all of your senses in an uplifting way.  Terri thought a fragrance could be delightfully calming or peaceful to which I agreed then added there was actually more to it. I told her the story about digging ditches.

Many of you in bible studies may tell the story better than I but here goes my version to make my point: the armies of Israel, Judah and Edom, had gathered to fight the Moabites but stuck in the dessert, they got thirsty! They appealed to the prophet, Elisha, for a word from above and were told to dig ditches and they will win the battle. It was the strangest advice because they were already parched and figured that the effort to dig the ditches was counter-intuitive to their survival … but they heeded the advice and dug the ditches anyway. Long story short, a flash flood wept across the dessert which both quenched the thirst of the army and fooled the enemy into believing the water was bloodshed and they walked right into their demise.

Aha! ~ It is not enough to ask for what you want, you must get ready to receive it.

It is pointless to create a vision board, draft a goal, entertain an idea or even muster a desire to achieve something without preparing yourself and your environment to receive it.  

When you clear, educate, release, research, connect, collaborate, supplement, exercise, entertain, purge, purchase, share, dare in preparation, you are expressing in the physical reality your expectation, faith and belief in yourself and your worthy ideal. 

Everyone has some kind of routine in the morning. My rituals aren’t as extensive as many but they always begin immediately with a few moments of gratitude and finish with a spritz of my favourite fragrance.

What do you do to get ready?
Let’s share what works as we’ll welcome December, Noon Eastern. 

Succeed Deliberately!


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