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You First

Aha!  Moment Monday

Moms are notorious for putting everyone else first.

I’m sure it’s an instinctual thing that they put caring for their babes as the highest priority but many moms also do the vacation planning, meal prep (and clean up), entertaining of friends, host birthday parties (with presents, cake, and loot bags), help with the homework, care for whoever is sick, drive one to soccer practice and the other to dance lessons, volunteer in the community, shop, decorate, visit the in-laws, do laundry … and many of those moms have full time professions outside the home.

That’s not to say that moms are the only ones extending themselves.  Most people are invested in a multitude of spaces leaving little time to take care of their own well-being.  It’s tough to carve time for yourself when the need for who you are and what you do is so great and so constant.

But what are you risking when you short-change your investment in yourself: healthy fueling, restorative sleep, mindful education, invigorating exercise and an inspiring community? Are you really delivering your best self?

Aha! ~ “Investing in my own personal development is the gift that keeps on giving.”  ~ Heikei Kovacich, Supervisor, Colorado State Prison

You can’t give what you don’t have.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  You can’t deliver from a vacuum.

I remember when I started to train as a speaker many years ago, one of my teachers said, “Always remember that you are the gift you bring to the room.”  It’s not as much about what you’re saying as how you make people feel.  Only when you are nourished and energized yourself can you share that with others.

Kovacich’ personal Aha!: “In the course of becoming a better me, I started to pass my newfound knowledge onto my students (inmates) and I watched those people – who were literally starving for knowledge – just soak it up.  The more I used what I learned, the more they started seeking me out and the difference that I was making for them.”

You first … always … because we deserve your best.

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P.S.S.     Congratulations to Heikei for being only the fourth person to receive the Tom Clements Memorial Award for leadership, integrity, teamwork and effective communication with offenders.  Talk about a difference-maker!!


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