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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Aha!  Moment Monday

They’re called “soft skills” but I’ve relabelled them “signature skills”.  See if you agree.

If you’ve ever hired someone or applied for a job yourself you know that “hard skills” – the quantifiable, required skills relative to performing tasks – are typically the core elements outlined for a position.  They’re also the skills that are compared and by which you’re judged when it comes to achieving the position.

Hard skills are teachable so whether you school for them or learn them on the job, acquiring hard skills to perform a task is possible if you’re capable and willing to learn.

“Soft skills”, on the other hand, are very hard to teach.  Take work ethic, as an example.  That skill includes everything from dependability, to organization, to accountability, to perseverance, to etiquette, to focus, all the way to motivation and meeting deadlines.  You could hire someone who had the hard skills to perform their function – let’s say as a bookkeeper – but if that same person had “work ethic” as a “signature skill”, how much more valuable would they be?

The buzz today is about developing your emotional intelligence – EQ – which is really your level of self-awareness and confidence in skills that support your performance.

So when you look at the list of soft skills that also include attitude, leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication, look hard then ask, “What would it mean to my personal brand to be advanced in even one or two of these areas?” Whose honest feedback provides you with the insights to grow differently?

Aha!  ~  Sign off on your own performance reviews

Soft skills are a sign that you’re serving with greater intention.  Signature skills are the ones you choose to develop as your unique standard and offer and ultimately define you.

People who are more elevated on the emotional intelligence scale own a heightened sense of self-awareness.  They’re brave enough to realize they’re not perfect and dare to admit to themselves, and aloud, what they don’t do well, “…they are also in tune with what they’re good at and seek to leverage those strengths to their advantage and in service of others.” Scott Mautz, Author, “Find the Fire”.

What’s your favourite Signature Skill?


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