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Your Best is a Process of Doing Your Best

Aha!  Moment Monday

If you’re into fitness then you likely perform sets “to failure”.  What that means is that you do enough reps of an exercise until you can’t possibly do one more, then you try and do one more.

The sets could be box jumps, curls, planks – whatever – but rather than repeating a fixed number of repetitions of the exercise, you work your muscles to exhaustion with each set.

Now a set could be 12, or nine or two, and sometimes the sequence of sets will diminish in terms of the number of repetitions you do, in other words you might start the exercise doing 12 repetitions “to failure” but your last set might only include two.

And to really throw variables into it, depending on the sequence of exercises, or how much rest you got the night before, the time of day you work out, whether or not you may be harbouring a cold or other virus, your mood, the environment, time of year and so much more, the number of reps you do can change, and will change.

Every day is different and you’re not a machine, but what’s important is that you do your absolute best every single time without judging, comparing or setting up expectations.  Some days you’ll amaze yourself and other days might be more of a struggle.

Aha! ~ Do what you can from where you are with what you have.

Every day is an opportunity for you to stretch and be your best version of you…that day, at that moment.  That’s not the version that mirrors anyone else, or the version that someone thinks you should be, or the version set up through unfair comparison, expectation or judgment. It’s the version of you that reflects what you can do with the knowledge, resources and support you have at that time.

Will you be “perfect” every time with a steady, upward-trajectory of growth?   Never.  Will you make mistakes?  Yes.  Are you sure to please everyone on your journey?  I know, silly question, to which the answer will always be, “No”.  Give life all you’ve got, then let it go.

“I’d realize it’s not worth our time to worry. You do your best, and God will put the right people in your path.” ~ Taya Kyle

What’s important is that you please yourself.  It’s your path, your way.


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