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Aha!  Moment Monday


When will we get back to normal?

It is “normal” to want to return to status quo, where we felt comfy and safe.  Change is disruptive and the uncertainty that comes with change makes us long for our past.

But did the past feel safe and comfy because it was ideal, or because it was what we knew?  Are we denying ourselves a more empowered future by waiting on a return of the past?

Aha! ~ “Comparison is the thief of joy” ~ Theodore Roosevelt.

When we compare then to now and focus on what was lost in our past or what we fear for the future, we are giving away our greatest power: to create our present, and more importantly, to create joy in our present.

Let’s face it.  While we miss things from the past – a few months ago, a few years ago, a few pounds ago – can we really say the past was perfect?  While there were elements of the past you may wish to hold onto dearly there are likely other areas of which you are happy are behind you, right?

So … what is your vision of “better than normal”?  A 2.0 version, if you will.

First, decide that past was indeed absolutely perfect, not in all its individual elements but in the collective, and the way it delivered you to the present.  The past always gives a grid to assess earlier experiences and choices and more importantly, values, in order to choose differently, build differently and experience differently – even better – than before.

Your new normal will be designed and measured in innovate ways with refreshed criteria and by what you choose to carry from the old normal – skills, people, awareness, challenges, triumphs – and what you choose to discard, like an old coat that no longer fits or helps you weather the elements.

I, for one, will be slipping into something more comfortable.

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