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Your Largest Investment

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever played the game, “Word association”?  I think psychiatrists at one point used it to determine a person’s thought pattern (perhaps they still do); essentially I say a word and you say the next word that immediately comes to mind.

Here goes:

Sun                        (now it’s your turn … what word comes to mind?)


Happy place

I imagine there are infinite possibilities and combinations of words as everyone would have a different response.  The thing is there is no right or wrong answer.  Your answer simply reveals your mindset.

When you hear the word, “invest”, what comes to mind?

Real estate?  Stocks?  Bonds?  401K?  RRSP?  Equity funds?

What about time?  Relationships? Health?

How accurate is it to say that we invest in real estate but spend time with customers?

Aha! ~ Invest where you want to see growth

We often use the word “invest” relative to money just as we use the term R.O.I. (return on investment) to describe the result of our financial input.  Just as easily we use the word, “spend” when it comes to time at the gym, food prep, clients (!!) and sadly even family.

When you spend, you release.  When you invest, you grow.  We need to be mindful where we’re doing which.

Financial advisors, bank managers, stock brokers and real estate agents are usually categorized as Investment Professionals.  But when you consider that your largest and most important asset is YOU, isn’t it time you included your nutrition coach, trainer, naturopath, teachers, clients, supporters and mentors in that category as well?  When you’re investing in yourself and those around with whom you want to grow, your finances will flourish.

“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.” – Paul Clitheroe

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