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Aha!  Moment Monday

What do you need?

If we asked ourselves that question a year ago the answer may have been different than now; certainly from a perspective of priority but also in grandeur. Or perhaps it is that we are more aware of the difference between the words “want” and “need”.

Remember last year when you said, “I need a holiday! I’d love to just take a couple of weeks off and get some stuff done around the house.” Or “I need to find a way to cut back on these business trips. I’m craving home cooked meals and time with my family.”

The conversation of needs sounds a little like this: needing self care, needing inspiration, needing income resources, needing support, needing educating and tools, needing a sense of belonging, needing to believe in something greater than ourselves, needing to believe in ourselves, needing purpose, productivity and to feel that what we do matters, and I don’t know about you but some days, I just need a hug 🤗

Back in the days of the village we counted on the fact that someone in our community had what we needed, and in turn, we provided to others. If someone needed support to fix their home, mind their children or feed their family, the village was there. The resources were plentiful and the community shared of themselves; everyone was taken care of.

Aha! ~ Ask for what you need. Give what you have.

We are magnificent creatures designed quite specifically to collaborate, learn from, and serve one another. It is in our DNA to do so. In fact, our needs have not changed – look again, at the list above – and our community hasn’t changed, just the way in which we resource and corroborate.

Be open and share absolutely everything you have to offer, guaranteed someone will require your genius in some way.

And whether you ask through meditation, out loud, online, offline, one-on-one, or in a group, just ask and be ready to receive. Whatever you need is waiting for you.

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