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You’ve Been St. Niklaused!

Aha Moment Monday

I remember the day my sister told me that there was no Santa Claus.
It was Christmas eve.  She hauled me into the washroom, closed the door (probably so that my younger brother wouldn’t hear) then said I had better thank Mom and Dad for the presents under the tree because they would be from them and not Santa.


That year I had asked for this delightful hutch – with cups and dishes –  so that my friends and I could have tea parties.
Hoping that Santa would know and deliver this special gift filled me with excited anticipation for Christmas morning.

Learning that eve that it was my parents, all along, who delivered on Christmas, and knowing how supportive they were to fulfilling our wishes, I remember thinking that the buffet was probably a slam dunk.
Oddly, it wasn’t a great feeling.

The next morning we scurried to the tree in our jammies and I saw my hutch donned with a big ribbon.
I was profoundly grateful as it was exactly what I had asked for.  The day was just a little flat, though.  No magic.
Then I realized I was looking in all the wrong places.
In fact it was the understanding of St. Niklaus himself who brought back the magic.

I’m sure you recall a time when someone called you up and offered you last minute tickets to a sold-out concert that you never in a million years thought you’d be able to attend!
Or someone making a call to line you up for an introduction that totally changed the course of your business!
Or the help, accompanied with a big box of food and amenities, gifted by your friend when you last moved!

That’s just the beginning.

What about the men and women who dedicate their lives every single day to ensure your streets are safe?
The activists who chain themselves to trees insisting that your environment be protected?
Roofers, electricians and tradespeople who bear inclement weather conditions to restore your roof, roads and power?
The childcare workers, health care professionals, teachers, neighbours, family and friends who help raise and support your children?
Your staff who drove for hours, stayed late, negotiated until they were blue and brought home the prize?

Aha – you’ve been St. Niklaused!

The tradition of St. Niklaus – born of a kind man who recognized good efforts with gifts and treats – lives all around us … every … single … day.

Every day someone delivers a message, a gift –  a hint of magic – that moves you in the direction of your purpose.
The messages may not always be wrapped in a recognizable package, but they’re gifts none-the-less and cause for celebration and gratitude!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …. what are a few of your favourite things?



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